SGA swears in new officers

The Student Government Association swore in the new officers for 2012 Thursday night.
SGA President Brent Folan said his experience as SGA treasurer would help him make the 2012 term a success.

“I think being treasurer is a great transition into being the president, because knowing all of the financial needs and how the budget works is very important,” Folan said.

The day after he was elected SGA President, Folan started working with 2011 SGA President Jackie Wheeler to prepare for his term.

“I really love the new cabinet because it’s a group of truly great guys, and I am in a unique position to make some changes to SGA,” Vice President of Operations Joshua Simpson said.

Simpson said he was ready to make some much-needed changes, like communicating ideas from SGA to the students.

“I am looking forward to increasing SGA’s relationships with students and organizations,” Simpson said.

Treasurer David Belpedio said he wants to give the students the opportunity to become more educated about where student fees go because it is not always clear to students how the funds are spent.

“I want to change the activities board by restructuring the way it works, the way it allocates money, the way student organizations come to us to request that money, and just overall the way it is structured,” Belpedio said.

Vice President of External Affairs Graham McMillan is only the second person to serve in his position in the history of the university. He said his main focus is to connect TCU with the surrounding Fort Worth community.

“I want to focus on the word ‘external,’” McMillan said. “I really want to bring TCU closer to the local businesses. It would give SGA the opportunity to connect with the community.”

Former SGA President Jackie Wheeler said she knows the new officers will not stray from their goals because they want to do what is best for the students.

“Oftentimes it gets exciting, and you get caught up in everything,” she said. “But when it comes down to it, it’s ultimately what the students want and serving them, and I know [they] will hold true to that.”