Wallyball hits TCU’s campus

The fast paced, high-energy game of wallyball will start its intramural season Feb. 12 in the University Recreation Center.

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Sheldon Tate said wallyball was a combination of racquetball and volleyball.

“It’s played in a racquetball court, so you have that aspect of playing balls off the wall, but it also is divided by a net just as volleyball is,” Tate said, “It’s a fun spin on both sports; people seem to really like it.”

The intramural season will run five weeks, with one day of playoffs, he said.

Junior Benjamin Sinn won the co-ed championship in wallyball last year.

“Getting to play last year really helped learning to play off the wall and knowing the rules because there are a lot of rules, and it can get confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing,” Sinn said. “It is also really crowded since it’s on a racquetball court, and you have eight people in there, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Sinn said he would compete on an all men’s team this season.

“The season looks pretty good; you don’t necessarily need the tallest guys, but we have a couple tall guys,” Sinn said.

Camilla Brown, first-year business major, said this was her first year playing wallyball, and she was interested to try it out. Brown will compete in an all women’s team.

“I have played racquetball and volleyball before so this seems to be just a combination of both, so it doesn’t seem too hard to catch on to,” Brown said, “I am excited because it is a random sport, so I might as well go into it and see what it is like.”

Tate said wallyball intramural games will be played Wednesdays and Sundays in the recreation center.

Wallyball is a co-ed sport with teams of four, and the cost to play is $20 per team, Tate said.