Relay for Life kicks off with western theme

TCU Relay For Life has partnered with theCrew to hold a root beer kegger kickoff event this Thursday that would feature Raising Cane’s, mechanical bull riding and two-stepping to promote this year’s Western theme “Fort Worth, Where the West Begins and Cancer Ends… Don’t let Cancer Chap your Hide!”

The American Cancer Society sponsored Relay For Life of Fort Worth, a 12-hour overnight event that would be held at LaGrave Stadium April 27-28.

The event would begin at 6 p.m. and conclude the following morning at 6 a.m. to symbolize the fact that cancer never slept, Sheri Milhollin, staff advisor for the club, said.

Last year TCU Police did not permit the event to be held on campus because of noise concerns. Milhollin said she hoped that with TCU’s overall growing participation in Relay For Life that one day the event could be held on campus.

The club planned to sell shirts that say “I can go all night…” for $15 at Thursday’s root beer kegger, she said. All of the proceeds would be donated to the American Cancer Society.
The name of this year’s team is the TCU Fightin’ Frogs. Each team member that participated, whether a student, co-worker, family member or friend, would be asked to raise $100 through fundraisers or individual efforts, Milhollin said.

At the overnight event, teams would camp on the field as well as walk the track several times, she said. Each team would be required to hold its own fundraiser at the event.
Luminary bags would be decorated at the event and placed around the track in order to honor those who have died from cancer as well as those battling it, she said. The luminary bags would cost $10 each.

The club encouraged members from various student groups, clubs and Greek organizations to form teams and participate in the Relay For Life events, Milhollin said.

Trevius Jones, director of community relations of Ignite, said he hoped to put together an Ignite team for the event because he had a great experience participating in the past.

“The event was a huge celebration of life and beating cancer,” Jones said. “It was such a positive atmosphere just enjoying each other’s company.”

Milhollin said 500 students have participated in the past five years, and this year Relay For Life set a fundraising goal of $1,500.