Pop’s Burgers and Grill will move to 109

109ers will no longer have to travel out of the zip code to enjoy a burger from Pop’s Burgers and Grill, as the Fort Worth restaurant will vacate its current location and open a larger space in the 109 the first week of March.

Pop’s Burgers and Grill, located off Benbrook Highway, will move into the space formerly occupied by Hot Tub’s Back Porch Grotto at 4413 Trail Lake Drive. The move will give the restaurant more space Russell House, owner of Pop’s Burgers and Grill, said.

Since Pop’s won the dfw.com 2011 Battle of the Burgers the amount of people coming to Pop’s has tripled. On a typical Saturday, there could be anywhere from 20 to 35 people standing and waiting for their orders House said. This increase in customers led him to search for a location with more space.

The new 109 location will seat about 80 people inside and an additional 119 people on the outside patio, compared with the old location, which only seats a total of about 25. This would mean more space for customers and there would no longer be waiting problems he said.

109 resident Carol Hughes was glad to see a new restaurant filling the empty lot.

She said there are not many restaurants in the Foster Park neighborhood area, unless residents go along Hulen Street. The only restaurants surrounding the area include Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers and a restaurant inside the Phillips 66 service station, she said.

Jose Luis Ortiz, coach of a soccer team that plays in the Westcliff Elementary School field, also thought Pop’s would be a good addition to the surrounding neighborhood. He said his team would try a burger at the new location.

Pop’s will join the 109 burger market alongside Dutch’s Hamburgers and Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. House said what differentiates his burgers from others lies in Pop’s seasoning, made from a secret family recipe.

Along with additional seating, more food items would also be added to the menu. He said he had not determined what these selections would be, but ensured he would continue to serve everything on the current menu. Pop’s is known for its burgers, but it also serves chicken fried steak, steak and chicken fingers, catfish dinners and chicken salads.

Brenda Silcox, president of the Foster Park Neighborhood Association said restaurant’s move is good it will provide reasonable prices and will respect the community and its surroundings.

The restaurant which previously occupied the space, Hot Tub’s Back Porch Grotto, had issues with parking and noise complaints. Silcox said Pop’s needs to take these past issues into consideration when opening the new location.

House said there would not be any problems with noise because Pop’s would be a place to grab a burger and not a late night restaurant. He said they would close at 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and would be closed on Sundays.

House said his restaurant is family-owned and operated and will fit well in the community. As Pop’s settles into the neighborhood, the restaurant will have a grand opening and offer other specials for the community he said. 

“I think Pop’s will do well,” House said. “We are all about great food.”