TCU fans anticipate new logo reveal

There’s a new Horned Frog in town.

Or at least that is the buzz circulating the Internet. The TCU athletic department said otherwise, though, and warned fans to hesitate before giving into hype surrounding a transformation of the university’s favorite reptile.

An image of a snarling purple and gray frog with its head cocked to the side has made its way to TCU fan sites such as KillerFrogs and SpitBloodTCU this week. The image is hypothesized to be a leaked redesign of Nike’s Horned Frog for TCU’s 2012-13 athletic season.

According to the TCU athletics department, a new frog could be making a debut, but not quite yet.

“That logo that’s making rounds on the Internet is not any kind of official new logo, that’s inaccurate,” Mark Cohen, director of athletics media relations said.

Cohen said the talk surrounding the “leaked” Horned Frog is much like a situation the athletic department encountered a few weeks ago.

People began getting excited over a supposed version of the Big 12 football schedule that “leaked” onto the Internet. The schedule was eventually proven inaccurate when the correct version was released on Feb. 14.

Thursday afternoon in a live chat on, Chris Del Conte, director of intercollegiate athletics, said the department has seen a variety of Nike’s ideas regarding versions of the logo, but have yet to determine when or if they will make the change.

Del Conte wrote in his blog, posted Feb. 22, that the program is working with Nike to create “powerful and unique branding that’s consistent across all athletics.”

It is still unclear whether or not the athletic department plans to unveil a new frog. It is, however, evident that something new will emerge.

“We’ll have something coming shortly that will be pretty interesting for everybody,” Cohen said.