ISA banquet sales give food to Caribbean, Latin American people

ISA banquet sales give food to Caribbean, Latin American people

A ticket not only allows you to attend a banquet full of cultural festivities, but also allows a misfortunate child from Latin America or the Caribbean to look forward to a hearty meal.

The International Student Association of TCU is hosting a banquet to promote awareness of different cultures through performance, food and a fashion show.

For every ticket ISA sell, they are donating 10 pounds of beans and rice to Food For The Poor, Inc., which helps people in the Caribbean and Latin America.

“I personally am involved because during the Haiti earthquake I gave the organization Food for the Poor $24 and since then they have been contacting me to help with other donations and I saw that they handle the money that they receive very well,” Ben Jun, ISA Treasurer said.

There will be close to 200 people attending and all performances will be student based.

The performances and fashion show display international and American students' talents as well as traditional outfits.

“It is also a great moment for various singing and musical groups from the music school to perform, and it will be a very interactive event where the audience will be asked to participate in some moments,” John Singleton, ISA Advisor, said.

Some of the people who are performing at the event are Dora Vattay and Cindy Xu. Vattay will sing Opera and Xu will play the piano while representing Hungary and China. Jessica Ho will perform a Traditional Dance representing Malaysia.Fabricio Farfan will Sing and will be representing Peru.

“We have a few students who are involved with the banquet and are from Latin America; however, not all are from the countries to which we're donating,” Ashley Monismith, ISA Communications Chair said.

Food For the Poor donates to Antigua, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Trinidad, Monismith said.

“The fact that this year Latin America and the Caribbean were chosen is not so much of the why, it is more of a choice to have variety and to highlight the different regions of the world,” Singleton said. “Last year they chose Japan and this year they moved to another direction.”

The event will be semi-formal to formal attire so people can come and enjoy all the different cultures, festivities, and increase their awareness by learning more about each other.

The event will be Friday, March 30 at 7 p.m. in the UCC Church.

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