IFC elects Fanning as president

The new Interfraternity Council president wanted to repair the organization’s reputation with the university community as well as be the new face of IFC.

“The best way to repair connections is to connect with all the IFC presidents,” new IFC president Ryan Fanning said. “Come up with a plan, stop damage control, we need to move forward from that.”

Kappa Sigma freshman Christian Pauly said he wanted the president to take IFC in a positive direction.

Fanning was a good person and cared about his fraternity, Pauly said.

As a Rangers’ president and now IFC president, Fanning said he became more organized this year by utilizing a calendar after a member questioned him about balancing his prominent roles at the university.

“I think [members will] stand behind him,” coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life Keith Becklin said.

Becklin said the process of finding a new president was crucial before starting to do work for the fraternity and the community.

Fanning would follow through as a president by expanding the baseball tailgates and continuing IFC’s growth within the community. Making homecoming an important event on campus and promoting the council were Fannings’ specific goals for IFC, he said.

Fanning told the members of IFC he wanted to get some ideas from them to help move the organization forward.

“He didn’t want to be the guy with all the ideas,” an IFC audience member said. “He wants us to help him and have us give a voice.”

Fanning said he wanted IFC to become more prominent in the university by helping put on events and taking leadership responsibilities.