New religious off-campus retreat opportunity for the class of 2016


This year's incoming class will be offered an opportunity previously unheard of at TCU. The class of 2016 will have the option of attending a non-denominational off-campus Christian retreat called Exodus.

The retreat will take place over Labor Day weekend in Glen Rose where campers will hear from several speakers from different churches around the university.

“Our goal is to get these freshmen plugged in, into a community whether it be a church, small group or something else,” said Vernon Titcomb, Exodus leadership team member.

Titcomb said the mission of Exodus is to allow incoming students the opportunity to find a Christian community at the university.

The idea of Exodus was sparked by exceptionally positive results of similar new student organizations and retreats that other universities offer.

“I don’t know the exact numbers, but the majority of students who come to college professing their faith as Christian end up losing that by the end of their four years,” Titcomb said.

Exodus has relied heavily on social media to promote the organization and its efforts, Titcomb said. Primarily, it started at Facebook and eventually took on a Twitter account and website. 

Titcomb said the organization wants to give new students an opportunity to hear about various things they may face in their next four years as a college student and how to handle them. 

At the retreat, the campers will be divided into small groups with upperclassmen counselors, Titcomb said. These small groups will serve to encourage counselor-to-camper mentorship.

“I’m excited to… dig deep into their lives and… about building relationships beyond surface level,” Exodus counselor and mentor, Caroline Reyes said. “What matters is getting to know their hearts, what matters is getting to speak [about] identity to them.”