Football team adjusts to crowd noise during practice

On Thursday, the TCU football team went through its last full practice before Saturday's walk-through, when head coach Gary Patterson and his staff will attempt to simulate as close to a game day experience as possible, from riding the bus to playing in the stadium, in an effort to prepare the team for what Saturdays will be like this fall.

But the team got an early taste of that atmosphere on Thursday as the staff added a new element to practice: crowd noise.

“We blared the speakers," Patterson said. "You had to use hand signals. They had to go silent count. We had to communicate, and both sides of the ball did really well with it."

TCU is starting sixteen underclassmen, and Patterson said knowing what to expect and being in the proper mindset will be key for those players to execute on Saturdays.

“Right now, for us, I think every ball game, with as young a football team as we are, we’ve got to go into it thinking we’re a 50-50, not a favorite,” Patterson said. “As long as in ball games I’ve got a 50-50 chance to win, then that’s all you can ask for.”

Here are a few more highlights from Patterson's post-practice session:

Patterson pleased with team chemistry

When asked if he had any idea how this season is going to go, Patterson laughed.

“No,” he said.

However, he is more confident about one thing this season than last year.

“I really love the chemistry and the character of this team compared to a year ago," he said. "We’re a lot more mature, even with the younger group.”

Shannon brings head coaching experience to assistant job

Another new face for the Horned Frogs is Randy Shannon, the new linebackers coach. Shannon was the head coach at Miami before coming to TCU, and offers some helpful perspective for the coaching staff.

“He understands what it means to sit where I sit and understand what I do and do all those things,” Patterson said. “And that’s invaluable.”

Patterson: ''I don't know who Kanye is."

Crowd noise wasn't the only thing blasting over the speakers during practice.

“You come out to early practice, you hear [the players’] music," Patterson said. "I don’t particularly like their music, but they like it.”

Patterson was asked about the players’ music and whether or not he liked any of the songs or artists, like Usher or Kanye West.

“I don’t know who Kanye is," he said.