Air Force ROTC office moved to Recreation Center


For more than thirty-five years, the Air Force ROTC program operated out of a building on the corner of Parmer Avenue and West Lowden Street. Now cadets can be found carrying out their daily drills and training exercises in the University Recreation Center.

Janet Patterson, administrative assistant to Air Force ROTC, said the program began to move into its new offices in the Rickel Academic Wing on Aug. 15. Patterson said visibility was not good for Air Force ROTC at the old venue, which inspired the move to the Rec Center.  

“This has been in the works for probably two years,” Patterson said. “We wanted people to know we were on campus.”

The rooms and facilities at the Rec provide adequate space to continue programs and lessons that took place at the old building for years, Patterson said. 

“I think this will be good for our reputation and good for us as a whole to be able to be in a place where kids come every day," Patterson said. 

Cadets of the Air Force ROTC program said they are adapting well to the move. Cadet Col. Wing Commander Brian McGovern, a senior, said he was grateful for the new facility. 

“I think it’s nice to have an area to perform operations in and be more effective,” McGovern said. 

Cadet Lt. Col. Amy Stewart, a senior, said students were skeptical about the move at first.  However, Stewart said she and her peers have grown to love their new headquarters. 

“We were semi-blown away,” Stewart said. “This new location was a good compensation.”