Froggie Five-0 gets new carts

TCU Police replaced two Froggie Five-0 golf carts this year.

Froggie Five-0 supervisor Dustin Naegle said the decision to update the two carts came after they failed to meet performance standards. 

Naegle said these carts will maintain the program’s reliability, and would help create a safer campus. 

“The more places we can be available to help, be available for people who might feel like they are in an unsafe environment," Naegle said. "We can be there for that assistance.” 

Crime prevention specialist and director of Froggie Five-0 Pam Christian said this update was done as preventative measure to guarantee the efficiency of the program. 

“We are just trying to prevent future breakdowns,” Christian said. “We try to replenish the older carts whenever we're able to.”

Christian said the older carts were traded in, which provided most of the funding for the new carts. The rest came directly from the police department’s budget.

Naegle also praised the police department’s commitment to maintaining the quality of their equipment.

“We really see ourselves as… extra eyes and ears for the police officers here, who are great to work with and are very supportive,” Naegle said.

Froggie Five-0 employs 15 students to provide transportation to students on campus every night from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Naegle said.

For a Froggie Five-0 transport, students can call 817-257-7777.