SGA to fund student memorial, surprise project


The Student Government Association will spend money originally bookmarked for the annual concert on different projects such as the student memorial, David Belpedio, SGA Treasurer, said. 

This year's annual concert, which featured country singer Blake Shelton, was organized through the Office of the Chancellor, Belpedio said. 

The Athletics Department funded the concert, SGA President Brent Folan said.

Belpedio said the $100,000 (or 14.5% of the total budget for SGA) originally bookmarked for the concert was instead put into a residual line item. The money in the residual line item will be used to fund SGA projects such as the student memorial and an unknown project that Folan is working on, he said. 

The money will also be used to fund other projects later in the year, he said.

SGA's surplus was unusual, Belpedio said.

“We’ve never had this extra money," he said. "So this year we will able to do some awesome things around campus with the funds we have that aren’t going to the concert."

Members of SGA have been brainstorming and getting feedback from the student body and the House of Student Representatives regarding how the money should be spent, he said.

Folan said he would not comment on the specifics of his project, such as the cost, although he said that he hoped to reveal the project to the student body during Homecoming weekend. Homecoming weekend will begin Oct. 20th.

Members of SGA thought of organizing another concert with the residual money, but Folan said he did not think the concert could compare to the one featuring Blake Shelton.

“I mean, how can you compete with Blake Shelton?” he said. “[Athletics] got the best of the best.”

Folan said he had been working on the project since February, and he thought the student body would be pleased.  Chancellor Boschini approved the plan, he said.

The project would have a monumental effect on campus, he said.

The SGA Cabinet, which is comprised of Student Body Officers such as the Speaker of the House and the SGA Treasurer, also worked on the plan, he said.

The student memorial, which House funded during the 2012 spring semester, was another project SGA would fund using money from the residual line item, Folan said.

According to an article that appeared in TCU on April 25th, House allocated $22,506 to fund a student memorial that would honor and remember students who have died. The House allocated the funds during the last meeting of the 98th session.

The Physical Plant estimated the memorial would cost at least $50,000, according to the TCU article.