Final touches on new parking lot to be completed Oct. 31

Final touches on new parking lot to be completed Oct. 31

The new parking lot at the intersection of Lowden Street and Lubbock Avenue is wrapping up as planned with only the finishing touches remaining.

Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects, said all that remains to be finished is the wrought iron fencing and landscaping. Leeman said the expected date of overall completion for the parking lot is Oct. 31, 2012.

“The wrought iron fences are currently being installed and should be finished by Sept. 28,” Leeman said. 

Leeman said the brick columns that go between the fencing were finished on Sept. 12, and then the fence posts were installed. 

After the fence posts were in the ground, Leeman said, the fencing was able to begin. He said that after the wrought iron fences are finished, the landscaping would be next.  

The landscaping is expected to begin Sept. 17, but will take quite a while due to planting trees and land irrigation, Leeman said. “We have trees to plant, the good soil to put in, and they are all in the process of happening right now.” 

Leeman said there is not an expected date of completion for the landscaping. 

Aside from the finishing touches to be completed, the parking lot is functional. Leeman said the parking lot provides 400 spaces for commuters, faculty and staff, and is on a first come, first serve basis. 

However, no one is supposed to leave his or her vehicle over night, Leeman said. “If it becomes a problem and the police can not control it, we could put a gate on it. Right now, it does not call for a gate.”

Leeman added that there are 14 cameras in the parking lot and the cables are scheduled for installation next week.