Rangers expand community horizons with fundraising, spirit


The TCU Rangers, a spirit-based organization for upperclassman, have expanded their presence in the athletic and Fort Worth community.

Dylan Anderson, junior and first-year Ranger member, said the group's affiliation  with the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Worth since the Rangers began is a great opportunity. The kids get excited when they see the Rangers uniforms, he said.   

The Rangers hold fundraising events throughout the year and make an annual donation to the Boys and Girls Club.  The Rangers have some exciting new fundraising events planned for this season like Rangers tailgates, Anderson said. 

“The kids at the Boys and Girls Club see how involved we are with school and want that for themselves,” he said.

In addition to their involvement with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth, the Rangers organization supports athletics in any way possible, Ryan Fanning, senior Interfraternity Council and Rangers President, said. 

Starting this year, Rangers lead the football team onto the field before the game, after halftime, as well as run flags in the end zone after touchdowns. The group will use new flags and banners at footballs games and plan to attend Friday night women’s soccer games with the Frog Horn, Fanning said.

The Rangers led the Fear the Frog banner over the student section during the Grambling State game, he said. 

Sarah Fuchs, a senior Ranger, said being at the games and using the Frog Horn at games is a “fun, cool, and personal way the Rangers get involved with athletics.” 

“The Rangers contribute to the spirit and tradition of TCU, two things we are looking to build upon with the soccer program,” Elise Kensinger, a senior soccer player, said.

“We want to become a staple with the athletic community,” Fanning said.

Rangers show an enthusiasm for TCU athletics as well as an influence in the TCU community through the Boys and Girls Club. 

“[Rangers] expand their horizons by meeting new people and giving back to the community through philanthropy,” Fanning said.