Students and faculty ready to ask the “Big Questions”

Students and faculty ready to ask the Big Questions

Student Development Services and the John V. Roach Honors College are inviting students to answer a big question: “What’s the point of elections, anyway?” 

Big Questions is an event that brings students and faculty together to discuss stimulating questions not always asked in the classroom, senior political science and history double major Pearce Edwards said. 

“The objective was to try to find questions that are important," Edwards, Honors Cabinet president, said. "Not just for college students, or only applicable to college students. Like 'oh gosh am I going to pass this class, or succeed in this event or activity,' but like what's important for life." 

Daniel Terry, a director with Student Development Services, said Big Questions is not a lecture, but a way to encourage discussion among students. 

“We were more interested to hear from everybody else in the room about the particular question for the day,” said Terry. 

Terry said two Big Questions events will be held each semester. Each event's discussion will focus on a different question. The upcoming session focuses on politics to coincide with the fall election. 

Senior political science and economics double major Jack Enright said he thinks Big Questions is a great idea and plans to encourage other members of the group to attend. 

“I hope to gain a better understanding of how youth can be better represented in the political process, and listen to others' perspectives on these issues to better refine my own understanding,” Enright, president of Young Americans for Liberty, said. 

James Riddlesperger, political science professor and last semester's winner of the TCU Honors Professor of the Year award, will lead the first Big Questions discussion.

Big Questions will take place Oct. 2 at 3:30 p.m. in the Mary Wright Admission Center. 

TCU 360 will partner with SDS for Big Questions coverage.