Strategic communication major application forum marks new process for major

Students can no longer just declare themselves as a strategic communication major.

The strategic communication division enacted a new application process to "downsize the major."

Jacqueline Lambiase, the chair of the strategic communication division, said in order for students to change their majors to strategic communication, they must attend the application forum and have a 3.0 GPA. The forums would be held once each semester, she said.

Part of the fall application process was the fall application forum, which was held on Saturday at 9 a.m., Lambiase said.

Daniel Naumann, a first-year vocal performance major, said he wanted to change to his major to strategic communication. He said Career Services advised him to try to become a strategic communication major, in order to better suit his dream career -directing a Christian sports camp.

The event had a presentation about the strategic communication major and an essay writing session, Lambiase said. In the essays, students wrote about why they wanted to become a strategic communication major.   

Only first-year students, who declared themselves as strategic communication majors before the first day of classes, have to attend the forum to get into the major, she said. This process does not affect current strategic communication majors.

425 students are currently strategic communication majors, she said.  The department would like to limit the number of majors to fewer than 400.

The College of Communication closed the strategic communication major in the spring, making the new process necessary, Lambiase said.

She said students will find out if they were accepted into the strategic communication major in October, and another application forum will be in February.