Prestonwood Polo & Country Club now home to polo club


The polo club has a new coach as well as a new facility in which to practice.

Danni Cruse, president of the polo club, said she spent last year working to keep the polo club on campus after the club’s home facility was sold.

The junior child development major said she worked with the US Polo Association during the year of transition and was referred to Vaughn Miller, of Prestonwood Polo and Country Club. 

Miller and his wife Dena founded the Prestonwood Polo and Country Club in Oak Point, Texas, which is now the home field for the Horned Frogs polo team.

“Polo comes first,” Miller said when asked about being a graduate of SMU.  He said he did not let being an SMU alum interfere with his coaching and his love for polo and competition.

Miller said the Prestonwood Polo and Country Club is over 100 acres, with three polo fields, seven arenas, 100 stalls and 30-40 horses available. 

Having these facilities gives the TCU Polo Club an advantage because they can practice and utilize the facility and resources whenever they need to before competition, Miller said.

Julia Ancey, a junior sociology major said the team is lucky to have Miller and Prestonwood. 

 “He is so smart and good at polo and knows about horses and can teach the people who don’t have a lot of experience on the team,” she said.   

Miller provides horses for the team.

“To be able to just show up, practice and play at Prestonwood takes a lot of the stress out,” Cruse said. 

Miller said the advantage the club has this year is that other teams don’t have their own horses or resources like the TCU team does.

“Last year was a rebuilding year, and now that everything is set in place I am hoping we will be a competitive team,” Ancey said. 

The team competes in the Central Region against SMU, Oklahoma State, UT Austin, Texas Tech and reigning National Champions A&M.  

For information about the Polo Club, contact [email protected].