Police receive gratitude on TCU Police Appreciation Day


Local law enforcement officers were recognized on Thursday with TCU Police Appreciation Day in Market Square.

Director of Operations for Dining Services, Michael Dahl, said TCU Police Appreciation Day was a special event for the monthly calendar in Market Square.

Police officers were offered a free meal in Market Square as a show of appreciation.

Fort Worth police officers also took part in TCU Police Appreciation Day.

Dahl said he asked TCU police to invite Fort Worth officers to the event if they saw them on campus because TCU and Fort Worth police work very closely together.

The idea for the event came from Dining Services chef Eric Davis, who is a former Fort Worth police officer, Dahl said.

TCU Chief of Police, Steven McGee, said he thought the event was a great idea.

McGee said that sometimes when campus officers interact with students it is under negative circumstances, so “it’s nice for the officers to feel appreciated.”

Tables were set up in Market Square where students could write thank you cards to campus police.

One student wrote,“ TCU Police are the best! You protect the frogs!”

“We received double the thank you cards than expected and are going to deliver them to the TCU Police station,” Dahl said.

McGee said the cards will be posted in the station, so all of the officers can enjoy them.

 Dahl said he thought it was important to have a day of appreciation for police because he thinks everyone should take the opportunity to do something nice for a public servant.