SGA considering additional test booklet, Scantron availability

SGA considering additional test booklet, Scantron availability

SGA is hoping to make access to testing materials like exam booklets and Scantrons more convenient for students.

The House of Student Representatives passed a bill that puts SGA support behind the idea of providing exam booklets in the library.

Currently, students can purchase these booklets, commonly referred to as “blue books” and “green books” because of their outside covers, at the TCU Bookstore and the TCU Spirit Store on the first floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union.

The bill’s language cites that the library is a central location for academic materials and it is open 24 hours during weekdays.

The bill was introduced by SGA Vice President for External Affairs Graham McMillan and Class of 2015 Representative Matthew Spangler. Supporters said it would be more convenient for students busy preparing for exams.

“As AddRan students, most exams are on blue books,” said AddRan College of Liberal Arts Representative Jillian Voigt.

Additionally, SGA Vice President for Operations Josh Simpson said he is looking to organize Faculty Senate support for a plan that would give professors the option to hand out Scantrons in their classes.

One SGA suggestion is that faculty would be given Scantrons and would be able to decide if they wanted to hand them out to students at the beginning of the semester or prior to each exam, said Simpson.

“It’s so much more convenient when [a Scantron] is there when you’re taking the exam,” said Simpson. “I think it creates a more secure testing environment."

Multiple choice Scantrons are currently available in the library.

In other SGA news, the House voted to allocate $40,000 to cover the remaining costs of construction for the new student memorial on campus. Plans for that memorial were unveiled last month.

During SGA’s Tuesday meeting, a bill changing requirements for the position of SGA Treasurer was tabled after about 45 minutes of discussion.

The original language of the bill would have eliminated the requirement that candidates for Treasurer have three credit hours from an accounting class.

Elections and Regulations Committee Chairman Jansen Harrison said that the requirement limited the pool of applicants for Treasurer to only students with certain degrees, such as business or economics majors.

Additional requirements, such as being in the Finance Committee, were considered. Skepticism of the bill remained after additional suggestions.

“I just have an issue with the fact that I feel like there are ulterior motives in the writing of this bill,” said Rachel Adcock, Academic Affairs Committee Chair.

Adcock said the bill’s content was sound but that she had concerns over the motive for the bill. The bill was eventually tabled and will be further reviewed.