Texting service available to report incidents at football games

Texting service available to report incidents at football games

Few Horned Frog fans know about the texting service available to use during football games to report incidents that occur within the stadium.

Fans can send a text message to the number 69050 containing the word "FROGS" followed by a space, and their location and a brief description of the incident. A response team will then assess the situation and send out the proper authorities.

“Things happen at football games all the time, and certainly TCU wants to get on a situation as quick and soon as possible,” said Randal Cobb, director of the TCU Safety Department.

Cobb said fans should text their section number, row number and seat number when reporting an incident. If at a concession stand or bathroom, there is a visible number in every room that fans can use, he said.

The text message service runs through a system called ISS, In Stadium Solutions, he said. A central Stadium Operations room receives text messages from fans, assesses the situation, and dispatches the proper response team.

Cobb said the Fort Worth Police and Fire Department, along with MedStar, EMS and TCU Police are ready to handle any situation that is reported. Clean-up crews respond to issues such a backed-up toilets as well.

Associate Director of Athletics Ross Bailey said the texting service started four years ago in the Mountain West conference, but that the Athletics Department "probably isn't doing enough" to promote the service because of how little usage it has had in the past.

"For the three or four years [TCU] was in the Mountain West conference, there were less than 10 valid text messages," he said. Randal Cobb added that there has only been one valid message so far this season.

Currently there are large signs at each entrance to the stadium that advertise the service, along with smaller signs throughout the concourse, Bailey said. Another advertisement runs on the scoreboard prior to kick-off. 

"We're going to run it on the video board during this game," Bailey said in reference to this weekend's Homecoming game. In addition, there will be more announcements made prior to and during the game, he said.

In response to the fan behavior at the Iowa State game, Bailey said: "You want to beat people with class." He was surprised at the poor behavior of students and the amount of alcohol present at the game.

Cobb said that students could have text the "69050" number to report those fans who were throwing bottles at the Iowa State coaches and players, and hopes that they do so if such incidents occur in the future.