Former TCU football players to appear in film ‘One Heart’

Former TCU football players to appear in film  One Heart

The story of the 2008 football game between juvenile correction facility Gainesville State School and Faith Christian will feature former offensive tackle Jeff Olson and former linebacker Kris Gardner. 

"It was so much fun but so much hard work," Gardner said. "We are on the set shooting sometimes for 12 straight hours just shooting two plays."

Compared with multiple seasons and practices under TCU coach Garry Patterson, Gardner and Olson said that cinematic football provided its own unique challenges. 

"It's choreographed football," Olson said. "It's tough actually. We know that we are good players, but forcing ourselves to get blocked to not make a play is hard."

Game Changing Films conducted auditions starting on Sept. 9 in Southlake, Texas and lasted for three days. Nearly 400 people came to audition, said 2005 alumnus and assistant football coordinator Jessi Moore.

If they passed the verbal interview process, the players were invited to on-field tryouts. There, thee players ran 40-yard dashes and other agility drills, Moore said. The final day consisted of skill-specific drills for players by position.

"We were cutting people every 30 minutes," said Moore, a former TCU women's soccer player. "We finished the tryouts with one-on-ones to really see who was going to step up and make big plays."

Moore said One Heart is the amazing story of two groups from diverse backgrounds whose paths cross to create life-changing hope and inspiration for both teams. 

Olson said he and Gardner, both 2011 TCU alumni, were lucky to have past football experience. Olson had a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before being released. Gardner, who tied for the TCU lead in interceptions his senior year, is now a stand-up comedian. 

Moore said she expects filming to continue into 2013. A release date is yet to be announced, but Moore said they expect One Heart to be released fall 2013.