Judicial Branch to hear impeachment case next week

Judicial Branch to hear impeachment case next week

The Student Government Association Judicial Branch that will be ruling on student body president Brent Folan’s impeachment proceeding will be meeting later this week, Chief Justice Granger Talley said.

The formal proceeding would probably happen next week, he said.

Talley previously wrote in an email that the meeting would be held Wednesday.

Talley said he would choose the four other justices to rule on the proceeding with him based on their objectivity.

“If there’s a connection with Brent or in the party accusing him that’s too severe, I’ll ask them to recuse themselves,” he said.

Talley, who will be ruling on the case as the Chief Justice, said he instructed the other justices to look at the Student Body Code and SGA Constitution to prepare for the proceeding.

There are 11 justices on the SGA Judicial Board that are appointed by the student body president and confirmed by the House of Student Representatives. Justices serve until they graduate.

Five justices are needed to rule on a case. If three justices rule in favor of removal, the proceedings will return to the House of Representatives.

The Judicial Branch could impose several other sanctions, according to the Student Body Code:

  • A warning
  • A term of probation
  • A fine
  • An injunction from performing or to perform a specific act related to the offense
  • Disqualification from holding a specific office
  • Removal from office or seat
  • A sanction to pay a fine may be imposed in addition to any other sentence

If two-thirds of the House vote for Folan's removal, he will lose all governing powers. A minimum of 33 members must be present at the House meeting for a valid vote, according to the SGA Constituion.

If Folan is removed, the SGA vice president of operations will act as the interim president.