Opinion: TCU Student Media gives unequal coverage during SGA meeting

I, a member of the Student House of Representatives, am upset about the unequal attention given to students by the TCU Daily Skiff and TCU 360. I am disappointed in the fact that all of the attention of TCU media that attended our House meeting yesterday was given to the impeachment that may or may not happen. Unfortunately, even with the increased media at our meeting, we were not even able to receive a "tweet" regarding the bills and resolutions that passed.

Many other important things happened in our meeting yesterday than simply one person handing a petition to our speaker. These include House Bill 98-06, that allocated money to get a piano in Clark Residence Hall. This bill was written by two freshman who cared enough to talk to their constituents at the beginning of their house terms, and represent their concerns. Representatives said having a piano in Clark creates community, which I believe is in dire need after the divisiveness that has hit occurred within our community over the past few weeks.

Another resolution that passed yesterday was House Resolution 98-06, which gives SGA's support to USAID's Campus Challenge against Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is a serious issue that affects over 100,000 enslaved people in the United States and over 20 million worldwide. Responding to President Obama's executive order on September 25, this resolution helps create campus-wide support and could bring positive recognition to TCU. This is a project that has the potential to unite diverse people on TCU's campus, which is of big concern at the moment.

I hope that TCU Student Media will return to their precedent of writing articles on bills and resolutions passed in SGA, and not only cover impending drama and rumors that circulate regarding our leadership in the future. I think these two pieces of legislation, and the freshman taking initiative from day one show the true nature of SGA and our care for our constituents. This is OUR university, and one of the things TCU prides itself on is empowering the students to do great things. So, it is also my wish that the Skiff and TCU 360 could take a step back from the controversies of SGA and focus on things that represent TCU efforts to educate individuals to act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Editor's Note: An article about the other initiatives brought up during Tuesday’s SGA meeting is in the process.