Students casting their votes in person, by mail

Students casting their votes in person, by mail

As polling stations around the nation open its doors, students on campus are eager to help decide the future of the country.

The 15th amendment allows citizens of the United States the privilege to vote. For some students at the university, this is the first election they can participate in.

TCU’s student population is from a wide variety of states. Many individuals had absentee ballots mailed to them so they could cast their ballot in their respective counties and states.

Lauren Paus, a first-year business major from Chicago, sent in her absentee ballot Monday for President Barack Obama. Paus said she believes Obama has been very progressive while in office, and said she thinks Gov. Mitt Romney would not run it properly.

“This is the first election I can vote in,” said Paus. “As a student, politics are relevant to our generation and this will affect jobs in the future.”

Miles McNeir, a sophomore math major, said he believes as an American it is citizens' right and duty to vote. He said he plans to vote for Gov. Romney on Election Day.

McNeir said he believes Romney will do a better job with current issues facing the country, such as the economy and foreign policy.

First-year pre-major student Conner Lunsford said he was unhappy with both major party candidates.

“I voted for a third party candidate,” Lunsford said. “Neither candidate offered a viable solution to the problems America is faced with."

While many students are casting their vote, there are still those who are unsure of their choice.

Jordan Hamilton, a first-year business major, said he is not informed enough to make a decision on who to vote for.

No matter the party affiliation, many students on campus are invested in the election and look forward to the announcement of the presidency.

“It is important for TCU students to vote in the upcoming election because it determines what is going to happen in the next four years,” Amanda Hrbacek, a junior graphic design major, said.

Julia Zaninovich, Tyler Shahin, Peyton Davis, Mary Kate Ritzo and Mackenzie Clarkson contributed to this story.