Tuition increase announcement expected by Tuesday


The board of trustees is expected to vote to increase tuition within the next week, Chancellor Victor Boschini said Tuesday. 

The board of trustees will vote on a tuition increase on Friday, and an announcement will be made by Nov. 13, Boschini said. 

Boschini held a town hall meeting Tuesday to explain the way tuition is used. 

Two student reporters, a group of about six staff members and Student Body President Brent Folan were the only ones to attend the town hall meeting. Boschini said he wants to be as transparent as possible and hopes more people will attend these meetings in the future.   

The meeting was the result of last year’s “Occupy Sadler” movement when a group of students called for more transparency from the school, Boschini said. 

While the increase amount has not been officially decided, Boschini said a tuition increase has never been below five percent since he has been at TCU. 

Boschini said during his presentation that as tuition has increased and financial aid has increased, as well. Tuition has increased by 41 percent since 2007 and with it financial aid has increased by 79 percent. 

Boschini said it was important to him to make sure students have the financial means to stay at TCU and that he was willing to do anything “legally, ethically or morally” to do so. 

The tuition increases since 2007 have added 929,131 square feet of new facilities to TCU’s campus, Boschini said in his presentation. 

And with the upcoming increase, renovations to the library and Bass Building are in the works, along with a new academic building and new residence halls, Boschini said. 

Students “vote with their feet,” Boschini said, meaning if students wanted to leave, they would. The enrollment at TCU has done nothing but increase over the past 4 years, and the latest statistics show TCU has an 89.7 percent retention rate, he said.

Andrea Masenda contributed to this article. 


Chancellor Boschini used this Power Point during his presentation today.