Panhellenic Picnic brings together campus sororities


Seeing members from all Panhellenic sororities come together, mingle and make new friendships was Diane Zanner’s favorite part of TCU Panhellenic Council’s Panhellenic Picnic. 

“I was a little nervous that we might not have a good turnout because of weather and other events going on tonight, but I’m pretty impressed with everyone,” said Zanner, Chi Omega’s Associate Panhellenic Delegate. 

The Panhellenic Council’s first Panhellenic Picnic took place Thursday evening at 5:30 in the Greek rose garden, said Laura Carr, Panhellenic Council’s Vice President of Member Development. The picnic featured food from food trucks such as The Chunky Monkey, Good Karma Kitchen and Red Jett Sweets. 

“We have had events with food in the past, typically catered, but they’ve run out, and food trucks are such a phenomenon," Zanner said. "Chunky Monkey and Good Karma were both started by TCU students, which is something that I think is really cool, so that was kind of a big selling point for us." 

Each of TCU’s Panhellenic sororities nominate a member of their chapter to serve as an Associate Panhellenic Delegate, said Hillary Hoyl, Sigma Kappa’s Associate Panhellenic Delegate. The associate delegates were in charge of planning this year’s Panhelleic Picnic. 

The Panhellenic Council puts together one event each year, Hoyl said. This year’s Panhellenic Picnic took 6 weeks of planning by the Associate Panhellenic Delegates. 

“We serve on the Panhellenic Council to put all the sororities together, and really have Panhellenic be a union, but its important to bring all the girls out and mingle with the other sororities, and get to know one another, and realize that we’re all here for one reason,” Hoyl said. 

The picnic was the Panhellenic Council’s one large event for this year, Hoyl said. 

“Panhellenic’s purpose in general is to build friendships across different sororities, and get people together so that we realize that we all generally come from the same background," Zanner said. "We share the same symbolisms, traditions and rituals. I have friends in other sororities and I love seeing them out here, it’s just been really fun."

Sigma Kappa sorority member Cara Clayton said she came to the Panhellenic Picnic to hang out with her sisters, meet new people and enjoy trying food from the food trucks.

“It gives us all a chance to unite and get to know each other because it can become very clique-y with the different sororities," Clayton said. "And if we have events like this, everyone can all get to know each other, and break through those barriers."