559 more students voted in SGA presidential election compared to last election

559 more students voted in SGA presidential election compared to last election

Senior political science major Joshua Simpson will serve as the Student Government Association President and around 33 percent of the student body voted for the position. 

Incumbent Brent Folan lost by 264 votes. This year's presidential election had 559 more votes than the last contested race. 

At the end of the election, there were 2,790 total votes for SGA President. Last year 2,220 students voted for the position.

According to TCU’s Office of Institutional Research 2011 Fact Book, there are 8,456 undergraduate students enrolled this fall. 

SGA members met face-to-face with organizations and stood outside of the Mary Couts Burnett Library on Tuesday to hand out buttons and pins and ask students to vote in the election.

There were campaign signs spread across campus for a few weeks similar to a national election. Each candidate also utilized social media to talk to students and explain the ease of the voting process.  

All of this year's candidates explained their platform, discussed projects and outlined financial decisions during a TCU News Now debate in October.

Every position except for Treasurer was a contested race this year. Simpson and senior finance major Brent Folan took their presidential campaigns viral and posted videos to YouTube to try to reach even more students.

The online voting portal opened Tuesday at 8 a.m and allowed students 24-hour period to vote.

SGA Election Results

Joshua Simpson – 1,527 votes
Brent Folan – 1,263 votes

Past results (total votes)
2012 President Election – 2,790 votes
2011 President Election – 2,231 votes
2010 President Election – 1,743 votes (uncontested election)
2009 President Election – 2,179 votes
2008 President Election – 2,903 votes

Vice President of Operations:
Lauren Sharp – 1,731 votes
David Belpedio – 1,085 votes

Vice President of External Affairs:
Graham McMillan – 2,030 votes
Evan Folan – 731 votes

Cody Westphal (uncontested) – 2,462 votes

Total votes: 2,894 votes
Includes vote of no confidence, abstentions and write-ins