TCU organization helps the Congo by starting a conflict-free campus initiative


Students are working to pass a campus initiative to eliminate electronics containing materials from the Congo.

Emma Hager, a junior entrepreneurial management major and Falling Whistles Circle member, said the minerals used to make phones, computers and other electronics that students and teachers use every day are fueling the war in the Congo. 

Hannah Wright, junior religion major and president of the Falling Whistles Circle on campus, said the organization focuses on advocating peace in the Congo and is now working with Raise Hope for Congo, a campaign to raise awareness about the purchase of conflict materials taken from the Congo, such as tin and gold.   

The conflict-free campus initiative will involve the administration and students. The statement would say the university supports electronics companies that do not purchase minerals from the Congo. 

“Stating that the university would be willing to purchase devices without these minerals would be a huge step forward in an effort to stop this horrible war,” Hager said.