Patterson: “They’ll think this is our greatest win, but we still have work to do”

Patterson: Theyll think this is our greatest win, but we still have work to do

After a 20-13 victory in Austin on Thanksgiving night, TCU head football coach Gary Patterson still isn’t pleased.

“The bottom line is they’ll think this is our greatest win,” Patterson said. “But, as I said after the game, we still have work to do.”

Here are a few more quotes and highlights from Patterson’s post-game press conference and player post-game conferences:

On getting the win:

“I told them we could get to eight wins, but we had to go through Texas and through Oklahoma. We got through one, we’ll see if we can get through another. We have a few days off, send the kids home, then start up again on Sunday.”

“You want me to be jumping up and down, but I’m the guy saying there’s a game to play. I’m the one saying we need to knock down a two point play in the Rose Bowl.”

“Still very excited about getting to seven wins. If you can beat Oklahoma, it opens up a new can of worms to see what bowl game we go to. We’re going to see what we can do.”

On TCU's first win in Austin since 1967:

“I was just barely born. Someone else told me they were here for that today. They were 11 then. I said ‘great, now I’m really old.’”

On Trevone Boykin and his performance:

“If you’re going to win ballgames the way needed to, you have to run. You have to score what you can and you have to take ballgames. We just about didn’t get that done tonight.”

“We have to have guys able to go out and make plays. Tonight, we got lucky and had guys who made plays.”

On the defense:

“We’re playing good coverage, but we have to get [the quarterback] down. We’re not getting him down to the ground.”

“To be honest, I was a little bit upset with our starters. On the final drive, they were standing there and I had to be begging to get them back on the field. But, I guess that was just me.”

On his players:

“We’ve grown up, but we’re still making mistakes. We’re not doing the things we need to do.”

“I told them this a few weeks ago. They need to stop giving everyone else all the credit. Take some credit for yourselves. They’ve played in these ball games and played at a high level. We as a program know how to do that, so quit giving everyone else some credit and take some for yourself.”

On the youth of his team:

“We changed out all the seniors. It was exciting to know Kenny Cain was the only senior on the field. Everyone else comes back next year and we gain people.”

“They love it. We’ve won four out of five on the road. You can win championships. We just have to find a way to win at home. For us, I don’t know why that is, but we need to fix it.”

On his emotional state after the game:

“I’m probably going to go home, go into the streets and yell. It’s exciting for a bunch of kids that have worked hard and had a lot of things that happened to them.”

On the opportunity to play against Texas on Thanksgiving night:

“I want to thank Deloss Dodds, Texas and the Big 12 for having us here tonight. The bottom line is after 17 years, along with Chris Del Conte and our chancellor, we got back. For the Big 12 to put us on TV for a Thanksgiving game, to be in this place, we’ve come a long way from when I arrived 15 years ago.”