Student Government Association launches plan for reform at Inauguration Ceremony


The Student Government Association cabinet announced its new plan for reforming SGA by next semester’s 100th session at the SGA Inauguration Tuesday.

The new Student Body Officers were sworn in, including Student Body President Joshua Simpson, Treasurer Cody Westphal, Vice President of External Affairs Graham McMillan and Vice President of Operations Lauren Sharp.

In their first meeting for the year, the new officers presented their plan titled “The Plan for 100.”

The outline for SGA reform focuses on four values: transparency, purposefulness, inclusiveness and effectiveness.

"What has worked in the past may not work in the future, including the way we run student government," Simpson said.

The plan outlined changes such as making cabinet minutes publicly accessible and publicizing the budget before passage in the house. SGA’s success depends on its willingness to engage in open communication, Simpson said.

"Now is the time to mend the student government and to unleash its hidden potential," Simpson said.

To aid communication and transparency, the SGA will be creating a database to record its activities and projects, Sharp said. The information from this database will be made accessible to students.

To address inclusiveness, Simpson also said he will propose a bill to allow students to voice issues freely at the beginning of SGA meetings. SGA is also working to add forums similar to town halls for students to discuss certain topics.

Inclusiveness will also be improved by the addition of a diversity commission co-chaired by Miles Davison and Pearce Edwards.

"The commission on diversity is being formed to dig deep into diversity on campus," McMillan said.

The commission was created to address any issue the house does not have time to discuss adequately, Simpson said.

The new Cabinet and the Student House of Representatives will work together with the diversity commission on this new plan and improve the student experience. SGA members need to use the organization as a change agent for TCU, Simpson said.

"I am truly excited for what will be a new chapter in student government," Simpson said.