TCU alumna launches classifieds site for students

TCU alumna launches classifieds site for students

Students have a new resource when it comes to selling and buying items.

TCU alumna Kathleen Ward launched uChilla last week. UChilla is a university based online classified site for students where they can sell and buy items such as furniture, books and game tickets.

“UChilla is essentially a Craigslist for TCU students only,” campus representative Taylor Baker said. “It’s kind of a universalized marketplace where everyone can come together and sell essentially any item they want.”

There is a lack of an organized system for students to exchange items, Baker said. TCU Announce emails are often ignored by students or can be unorganized.

“The idea is to bring everyone on campus together and give them a centralized place to look to buy something or sell something,” he said.

Ward, who graduated in 2011 with a finance and real estate degree, said she came up with the idea when she was moving and looking for a white couch on Craigslist, but her parents were uncomfortable with the idea of her going to a stranger’s house by herself.

“So I just kept thinking what if I can buy stuff from an older TCU girl who was also moving or someone else who would be near and was a safe person,” Ward said.

The website eliminates the dangers of buying and selling items on other websites such as Craigslist. In order to register, users will need a .edu email address, she said.

First-year athletic training major Briyet Sigala said she feels safer knowing that the website is university based.

"I’ll know that its someone on campus, so that in case something does happen, I will know how to find them unlike Craigslist with an anonymous person.”

Ward said she hopes to expand to other schools in the future.

“Right now it’s just for TCU students, so its kind of like data testing. We're trying out TCU for trial and error and seeing what kind of works,” Ward said.

Students can register for uChilla by using their university email address.