“Count Me In” Challenge allows students to give back to university

Count Me In  Challenge allows students to give back to university

University students now have the opportunity to give back to TCU through the student philanthropy program "Count Me In!".

The program allows students to donate gifts to the university before graduating and allows them to choose where their donations are going. Count Me In! is holding a Greek Challenge in order to promote fraternity and sorority participation as well.

“Tuition only covers the cost of 80 percent of what it costs to educate a student at TCU and the rest of students’ education is covered by donations, so giving back to TCU is an important investment for current and future Frogs,” Director of Student and Young Alumni Programs Harmonie Farrow wrote in an email.

As a part of the Count Me In! program, a fraternity and sorority challenge is being held to see which chapter can have the highest percent of participation.

 This is the third time that there will be this type of competition at the university. The first time it was held for all four classes. In the past two years, the competition was held as part of the Senior Class Legacy, the senior class philanthropy program, she wrote.

Last year 732 student donors raised $45,307 for various programs at TCU, she wrote. So far students have raised $21,747 this year.

Donor participation is evaluated by ranking agencies such U.S. News and World Report as a way to judge student and alumni satisfaction and also factors into school rankings. It is also looked at by large corporations and foundations deciding whether or not to make large gifts to TCU, Farrow wrote.

A committee of 35 students is currently going out and making presentations about "Count Me In!" and the Senior Class Legacy programs in their classes and student organizations across campus, Farrow wrote.

Committee members involved in Greek life are also promoting the Greek challenge in chapter meetings and Greek Councils, Farrow wrote.

Committee member Courtney Schmit wrote in an email that the chapter with the highest percentage of member participation would be invited to a porch party at the TCU vs. Baylor baseball game on April 20.

“Overall this is just a great way to get each chapter involved in showing gratitude to the university and preparing members to become active and engaged alumni,” Schmit wrote.

Donors become members of the Junior Clark Society and seniors who give $50 would also be recognized in the commencement program and with a personally engraved brick in front of the library, Farrow wrote.

All TCU students may participate and donate through "Count Me In!"

Senior Class Legacy gifts and the "Count Me In!" Greek challenge will end on March 1st.