Pizza restaurant opening delayed


The newest restaurant on University Drive has pushed back its opening timeline.

Pie Five Pizza Company specializes in personal nine-inch pizzas ready in five minutes. Customers can choose the crust, sauce and toppings, and the pizza is created in front of them as they order.

“College students are on the go and certainly need some quick options,” Katie Montague, corporate communications manager for Pie Five, said. “We think that is a great fit for the lifestyle of a college student.”

However, students will have to wait for this access to quick pizza. Montague said due to timing circumstances, they will not open this semester. 

“We want to make sure that everything is done in the best way possible to provide TCU with the best experience that they could have,” she said.

Pie Five, a subsidiary of Pizza Inn Holdings, Inc., is a new company. The Pie Five at Montgomery Plaza in downtown Fort Worth was the first restaurant in the franchise to open in June 2011, and students are excited about this future dining option to be in the TCU area. 

“I’ve never actually been there, but I’ve always heard how good it is,” Erin Sovereign, a sophomore marketing major, said. “It will be nice to have one close by.” 

Whether Pie Five accepts Frog Bucks or not is important to Will Peters, a sophomore religion major.

“If Pie Five were to take Frog Bucks, I would definitely be spending mine there,” he said.

The decision whether to take Frog Bucks has not been made, Montague said.

Pie Five will neighbor McAlister's in the space that once was the Halo Lounge.