24-hour film competition held to attract more students


Students trickled into the Moudy lecture hall Saturday night to watch student-written and directed films that participants had started creating 24 hours before.

The Student Filmmakers Association held a competition to see which team could create the best film in a 24-hour period. “What can you do in one day?” was the slogan of the event.

SFA held the event so other university students interested in the organization could see what it was all about.

Each student in attendance was assigned teams by pulling names out of a hat. Team leaders then drew a piece of paper out of the hat to determine what genre they would be filming for the competition.

Senior film, television and digital media major Andrew Elam participated for the first time in the annual 24-hour film competition since joining the organization as a first-year student, he said.

“I’m not a big fan of staying up all night,” he said. “I figured why not knock it off my bucket list before I graduate.”

The 24-hour film competition is not the only thing the organization does, junior English major Lucinda Otto said.

“We work on three short films a semester, and they are typically student-written films,” she said.

First-year film major Lauren Kesler said she participated because she wanted to get some hands-on experience.

“I wanted to get production experience because we don’t get to do that in class until we are upper level,” she said. “It lets you know what happens when you are on a real set.”

Kathleen Lebar, a first-year speech pathology major, a member of SFA, wrote in an email that SFA produces student-written and directed films using professional equipment to help create an environment similar to an actual film set. The skills students learn can help them with their future careers.

“I have something to put on my reel professionally when I graduate,” Kelly Burns, a junior film, television and digital media major and one of the presidents of the organization, said. “I feel like some of the things we do here gives us a leg up in the professional world.”

Members will vote on the winners of the 24-hour film competition during their meeting Thursday.

Students from any major can join SFA. They meet every Thursday at 5 p.m. in Moudy North 156.