Baseball preview: players to watch this season


Here are some players to watch for this season:


Paul Hendrix is a player who can play multiple positions. Head coach Jim Schlossnagle said returner Keaton Jones is close to earning his spot as starting shortstop, but Hendrix would be available to back up Jones and play in other positions if he hits well.


Freshman left-hander Alex Young and freshman right-hander Riley Ferrell are both scheduled to start in the bullpen and could earn their way into a starting place in the rotation, Schlossnagle said.

A third pitcher to watch is left-hander junior college transfer Trevor Seidenberger, who also could pitch his way into the rotation, Schlossnagle said.


Switch-hitting sophomore college transfer Cody Jones is set to be in center field, due to his strength in running, Schlossnagle said.

Freshman left-hander Travis Hennessey could also see some game action this year.

Transfer catcher Kyle Bacak is set to be behind the plate.

“In my 23 years of college coaching, [Bacak is] the best receiver I’ve ever been around,” Schlossnagle said.

Projected staring positions:

Jantzen Witte 3B

Keaton Jones SS

Derek Odell 2B

Kevin Cron 1B

Kyle Bacak C

Jerrick Suiter DH

Brett Johnson RF

Cody Jones CF

Travis Hennessey/Paul Hendrix/Dylan Fitzgerald LF