SGA passes new House resolution, identifies aspirational values


Student Government Association representatives are seeking to give students a voice by creating a weekly tabling event where representatives can address student needs directly.

SGA members also agreed on a set of aspirational values to work toward as an organization at the meeting Tuesday evening.

Members of the House of Student Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution to set up a table in an academic building or at the Brown-Lupton University Union. This would help facilitate discussion with students, according to the legislation.

Treasurer Cody Westphal discussed the idea of tabling during his campaign. For tabling, representatives would be available at a table in a public location for students to ask questions and give feedback.

Westphal said he collaborated with Ryan Tiglas, academic affairs committee chair, to bring the idea to the House.

Representatives need to figure out what students need from SGA, Westphal said.

“This is a perfect place for you to investigate and talk to students in an easy forum," he said.

At least one member of the academic affairs committee and one member of the student experience committee will staff the table, according to the legislation.

This gives the two committees, both of which have somewhat ambiguous roles, a specific job to do, Westphal said.

For the spring semester, the table will be set up on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m, according to the legislation.

The table will hopefully be in place in two weeks, Tiglas said.

"We are just taking a shotgun approach,” Westphal said. “People want voice. We will give them voice."

House representatives also held an informal conversation to form a list of five things SGA values.

Representatives decided on passion, collaboration, progression, servant leadership and effectiveness.

These are values that SGA does not necessarily reflect currently but aspires to in the coming semester, Student Body President Joshua Simpson said.

Identifying these values is a step in the right direction, Jennifer Villyard, AddRan College of Liberal Arts representative, said.

"I think part of this is that we haven't had these discussions in the past," she said.

During the meeting next Tuesday, representatives will discuss the merits of different ways to determine representation in the House, Simpson said.

In addition, a bill will be introduced to the House floor next meeting to alter presidential responsibilities to reflect changes in the structure of Intercom.

The student body president will no longer lead meetings of Intercom but will still “represent the student body at meetings of Intercom,” according to the legislation.