Library extends hours in designated areas


Students can now study in the Mary Couts Burnett Library basement, on the second floor and  in the area west of the Gearhart Reading Room until 2 a.m Sunday through Thursday.

The library decided to make the change after dropping the hours in the quiet areas to midnight last fall and receiving feedback from students, James Lutz, director of library administrative services, said.

Lutz said the library heard from students about having to get up and move to the 24-hour zone while they were studying.

Lutz said he met with the night staff and suggested a 2 a.m. closing time for the quiet areas in the library.

"We still have our circulation department closing at midnight, but the two gentlemen who work in the Information Commons and the overnight shift now do our closing," he said.

Junior finance major Ryan Mulvaney said he thinks the new hours are good, so students can spend more time in the library and get more work done.

Even during finals week students would trickle out by 2 a.m., so changing the closing time seemed to make the most sense, Lutz said.

"I am all for extending time for students to study," senior athletic training major Pat Richards said. "I am glad the library made this change."

Lutz said the longer hours have been working out so far.

"The staff is not having to go and ask students to move to the 24-hour zone as much with the extended hours," Lutz said.

The lobby, the Information Commons and the Gearhart Reading Room remain open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday.