New Student Government Association bill could change leadership of Intercom


A bill that will be introduced to the House of Student Representatives Tuesday will formally remove the Student Body president as the default chair of Intercom, according to the legislation.

Intercom members came to the consensus that a member of Intercom will be elected to the role of convener, who will schedule meetings and facilitate discussion. The convener could be the Student Body president, but it does not have to be, Student Body President Josh Simpson said.

The bill proposed to the Student Government Association reflects these changes in Intercom by formally changing the role of president in the Student Body Code, Simpson said.

The House will see the importance of passing this bill, Graham McMillan, vice president of External Affairs, said.

“We want SGA to be behind it,” he said.

An almost identical bill was proposed last semester but was not approved by the Elections and Regulations Committee. It was tabled and died at the end of the legislative session, Jordan Mazurek, former student and co-author of the previous bill, said.

“With the actual support of the president, I think this will be a lot easier to pass,” Mazurek said.

SGA and Intercom are ready to make these changes, Pearce Edwards, the Honors College Intercom representative, said.

“I think everyone just had a lot more clarity about what we’re supposed to do this semester,” Edwards said.

Simpson said he agreed.

“I think it will be easy to pass,” he said.

Simpson specifically asked not to be nominated for the role of convener, he said.

“Right now, my energy and time needs to be focused on reinvigorating SGA, not running Intercom,” Simpson said.