Men’s club volleyball back in action

Mens club volleyball back in action

The TCU men's club volleyball team is back and completely redesigned after four years of inactivity.

Karl Hoenecke, a sophomore environmental science major and president of the club, decided to bring men’s volleyball back in the spring 2012 semester when some of his friends expressed interest.

“The TCU men’s volleyball club used to be one of the top teams in our conference but then went inactive,” he said. “I saw interest and decided to make the club and see who would come out and play on the team.”

During its first semester on campus, only three players would show up to each practice, and it was a work in progress, Hoenecke said.

“It started off slow. We didn’t win very many games, but we just kept practicing,” he said.

Now in its third semester, 16-18 players show up to each practice, Hoenecke said.

With more players to manage, Hoenecke said he had to make some changes in team organization.

In December, Hoenecke was again voted president by the entire volleyball team, and Johnny Bauer, a first-year business major, was voted vice president by his teammates.

“As vice president, I get to help keep the team’s morale up. I help set up the courts before practice, and I just help Karl out whenever he needs a helping hand,” Bauer said.

Hoenecke also decided to break up the 20 players on the roster into A and B teams to allow players more playing time and opportunity for improvement.

“The A and B teams are good for the club because now we can work together and have better team chemistry. We can have small competitions, and it’s good for organization skills throughout the practice,” Bauer said.

Bauer said both teams work together for the first hour of practice. Then they divide on either side of the court to play against each other.

Hoenecke said he also elected first-year business major and team member Parker Levy as the coach of both teams to make practices more efficient and organized.

Hoenecke said the improvement of the teams come from the friendships between players.

“We’ve improved so much over these last few months, and I think it is because we all get along so well,” he said.

Bauer said all of his teammates have grown close since they started playing together.

“We get along. We really try to help each other out and improve and pick each other up when we need to,” he said.

Levy, a player on the A team, said both teams are working harder than ever for the national tournament in Dallas in April.

The team practices on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Any males interested in playing on the team can attend a practice and try out.