VITALS holds Valentine’s Day Party


At the VITALS Valentine’s Day Party on Wednesday, red cups were aligned in heart shapes and students had the opportunity to participate in water pong to win prizes.

Students received raffle tickets for playing a game, and at the end of the event, names were drawn for various prizes. Senior mathematics major Doug McDougal won the grand prize, which was a $50 gift card to Woodshed.

The goal of the VITALS campaign is to educate university students on the symptoms of alcohol poisoning and what needs to be done in situations where alcohol is afflicting their peers, according to the campaign’s website.

When students walked by the event, they could have assumed that the organization was promoting drinking.

This was not the case.

Members said they wanted to have the event on a special occasion.

“We know a lot of people drink on Valentine’s Day, so we thought it might be a good time to start generating awareness on campus about the symptoms of binge drinking,” Lindsey Boston, co-CEO of the campaign, said.

Merchandise, candy and flyers marked with the VITALS logo were passed out to promote the campaign’s social networking sites, so students can learn more about what the program entails, Boston said.

The team hopes to build awareness of the symptoms of binge drinking within 30 percent of the student body before the campaign ends in May 2013, she said.

VITALS members plan to make an informational video about what the acronym stands for and plans to hold events about every two weeks later this semester, she said.