TCU Energy Institute holds workshops for landowners


The TCU Energy Institute is offering workshops to help landowners understand their mineral and gas rights.

The workshops, which are being held in Fort Worth and San Antonio, are the first sanctioned by the National Association of Royalty Owners, Ken Morgan, director of the Energy Institute, said.

Morgan explained how he and his colleagues took upon themselves to propose the idea of framing the program since the NARO had not previously offered training on its website.

“One of the most important things that we have in this country is that we are the only one in the world that you may own your mineral rights,” he said.

Three different intensive courses are offered every two weeks each month.Participants will receive a certificate of completion after all courses are completed, according to the Energy Institute.

According to the Energy Institute, the instructors are certified mineral managers and experienced mineral owners who have experience teaching landowners fundamental skills that royalty owners must learn.

Harriet Burrow Shields, the TCU Energy Institute news and media relations specialist, said the classes will help the public to understand and become aware of their mineral rights and the decisions that will aid them in the future.

“It’s really there for the public to help them understand their rights, and a lot of people have come by throughout the years and asked if we would be interested in offering a program like this because there isn’t another one out there like this,” Burrow Shields said.

The next available courses will be held on Tues., Feb. 26 at Cattlemen's in Fort Worth and on Tuesday, Feb. 19 as well as Tuesday, March 5 in San Antonio.

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