Nearly $4,000 raised at annual fraternity date auction


At this year’s Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity date auction, one date included a flight to Stephenville, Texas for lunch and then a tour of Fort Worth from the sky.

The attendees bid back and forth on each date on Thursday evening. The winning bidders received a straw hat and flowers from each fraternity member sponsoring the date.

Preston Green, a first-year physics major and a member of BYX fraternity, said he has his pilot’s license and will be flying the winners of the auction to Stephenville for a barbecue lunch.

“Well, I had actually flown with my dad a couple weeks before, and I just thought it would be a great idea to raise this money for this organization,” Green said.

The money raised during the auction will benefit the Refugee Services of Texas organization, BYX President Ryan Tiglas said.

Refugee Services of Texas, Inc. is a not-for-profit social service agency committed to providing quality services for refugees and other displaced persons, according to its website.

Two attendees were eligible to bid on the flight to Stephenville because two fraternity members were auctioning the date off.

Senior speech pathology major Makayla Maddux said she did not have any idea of what she would bid on.

“I’m a senior and this is my only year coming to the BYX date auction, so I’m really excited that I got one," she said. "And that I got a really fun one, where I get to go in an airplane.”

Maddux and first-year pre major Michaeleah Assini, who also won the date, said they do not know the two fraternity members who will be escorting them on the flight to Stephenville.

“I will now, I guess I do now,” Maddux said.

“I’m just looking forward to everything, cause I don’t know what to expect. So I’m just excited for it all,” Assini said.

At the end of the auction, Vice President Forrest Broyles said the event raised $3,993.