FWCD softball looking to succeed amidst team changes

Springtime means transition at Fort Worth Country Day School, and for the players on DeAnn Hall's varsity softball team, a very quick transition at that. 

Many of the players on Hall's team either wrapped up their winter season in another sport or participated in the school's musical, which ended last week. Either way, the Falcons had only one full team practice before being handed a 10-5 loss Tuesday night by Alvarado High School.

"Being a small school, our kids do it all, so we have to share," Hall said. 

Alvarado had already played in two tournaments and 10 games before meeting the Falcons on the field. Despite the disproportion of games played between the two squads, the score remained tied going into the bottom of the sixth inning. Although the Falcons lost the game, Hall said she walked off the field proudly.

"The majority of our mistakes were mental mistakes, they were not physical mistakes," Hall said. "And to me, you can fix that."  

Mistakes are to be expected with the young squad this year, Hall said. The Falcons graduated five seniors going into the 2013 season, four of whom were four-year starters. The new squad called for many position changes, and no players on the team’s infield are in the same positions as last year, Hall said. 

"The girls that I have shifted to different positions, they have taken it in stride and they are so committed to being the best they can be," Hall said. "We're really in a good position."

Returning seniors Annabeth Reeb and Davy O'Brien Scholarship finalist Meghann Kasal are the only stability from last year, Hall said, although the she sees promise across the board. 

"We have the makings to be a good team, but we're really going to have to work hard," Hall said. "It's not going to be without hard work."

Hall said she plans to continue making progress and working to get better every day. The team takes on Glen Rose High School Friday night for a doubleheader before heading to the Fredericksburg Tournament next weekend, which Hall said is the highlight of the season. Friday's first game will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Glen Rose. 

"I know a lot of people call things like this 'rebuilding years,' and I do expect us to have road blocks," Hall said. "But right now with the few days we've had them for practice, my opinion is that there's nothing we can't accomplish."