Equestrian team closes out home matches 5-2

Equestrian team closes out home matches 5-2

The TCU equestrian team rounded out the season’s home matches Saturday and Sunday against Kansas State and Auburn, coming out 5-2 at home on the season.

The No. 8 Horned Frogs defeated No. 4 Kansas State 14-6 Saturday, but fell to No. 2 Auburn 9-8 Sunday.

Kansas State

The team as a whole improved to 6-4 overall and 3-3 in league play with a 1,438.5-1,407.5 win over Kansas State.

The Western team claimed a 9-1 decision against the Wildcats with an overall score of 716.5-701.5.

TCU swept Kansas State 5-0 in Horsemanship with sophomore Katelyn Gray earning the Most Outstanding Player with a 74-71.5 victory ride. Senior Alexie Estrada defeated Rachel Wetherell 74-72.5, claiming her seventh win of the season.

In Reining, senior Kolby Simonson led TCU with a 71-68 victory to claim her first Most Outstanding Player award of the season. Chantz Stewart, Alexi Child and Samantha Bayer also earned points for the Horned Frogs, giving TCU an overall 4-1 victory in the event.

The Hunt Seat team posted a 5-5 draw overall but outscored the Wildcats 722-716.

TCU claimed a 3-2 victory in Equitation on the Flat with victories from Demi Stiegler, Kaitlin Perry and Nikki Diamantis.

Perry and Stiegler were also victorious in Equitation over Fences, defeating their Wildcat opponents 84-83 and 77-67, respectively, claiming the two points for TCU in the 2-3 event. Stiegler’s victories moved her to an 8-1 overall record, including 7-1 in league play.


Rounding out the home season, TCU moved to 6-5 overall and remained 3-3 in conference action, losing to Auburn 1,507-1,466.

The Western team posted a 6-3 victory over the Tigers 729-723.

TCU defeated Auburn 3-1 in Horsemanship with freshman Erin Gillette earning the Most Outstanding Player for her 75.5-72.5 ride against Griffin Knight. Katelyn Gray and Calli Rouse also tallied points for the team.

Gray also contributed to TCU’s 3-2 victory in Reining with her 71.5-67.5 win over Julianna Cook, but it was Samantha Bayer who took home the Most Outstanding Player scoring 74.5, her second victory of the weekend.

Bayer said she was glad the Western team won both matches on the weekend and was happy to see the seniors finish out the home season with victories.

“From here I think [the upcoming matches] will mean us coming together and working on our accuracy, and overall supporting each other,” Bayer said.

The Western team is now 8-2 overall.

The Hunt Seat team fell 6-2 to Auburn 784-737.

In Equitation over Fences, freshman Taylor Alexander scored the point for TCU in the 4-1 event with a 79-70 ride over Quincy Hayes.

Caitlin Ader earned the Most Outstanding Player in Equitation on the Flat 85-83 against Auburn’s Elizabeth Benson, scoring the point for TCU in the 2-1 event. Demi Stiegler and Haley Jacobi each rode to a draw with 78 and 87, respectively.

The Hunt Seat team is now 6-4 overall.

In preparing for all upcoming matches, Western head coach Kindel Walter said both teams will continue to clean up their rides and focus on the big picture, mainly the Big 12 Championships on March 29 and 30 in Stillwater, Okla.

“I don’t think we have a lot to change,” Walter said. “We’re very focused and want [the title] very bad, and the team believes in each other. We’re riding at our highest level and are definitely national championship contenders.”

The Horned Frogs will travel to Dover, Del. Saturday to take on Delaware State.