TCU Police nab suspect in iPhone thefts


TCU Police arrested Tyriq Butler Monday morning in connection to a string of iPhone thefts, according to Sgt. Kelly Ham.

Butler's arrest followed an investigation conducted by TCU Police. Butler, a Pantego resident, is not a TCU student.

The investigation began March 13 when an iPhone was stolen from the weight room in the University Recreation Center, Ham said.

Courtney Motz, a junior strategic communication major and a member of the equestrian team at the university, said she and four of her teammates were working out in the athletics weight room between 9:05 and 9:30 a.m. Monday when Butler came in to “work out.”

She said a physical trainer stopped and questioned Butler after he put his belongings in a communal cubby because “he did not look like an athlete.” Butler was kicked out, but grabbed four cell phones on his way out of the weight room.

Motz said Butler grabbed one cell phone sitting on top of a bag, two in cubbies in view, and one in the cubbies under a jacket, Motz said.

Police showed up within five minutes to question the athletes and the physical trainer, who provided a detailed description of Butler, Motz said.

Motz said Butler also stole her student ID that was in her phone case to enter the University Recreation Center and steal more cell phones.

Ham said police caught Butler running to his car. TCU Police boxed in Butler’s vehicle, and he was arrested.

Police emailed Motz Monday afternoon saying her phone was recovered in Butler’s car, but that her phone case was not recovered.

Ham said the 21-year-old Butler was in possession of 10 iPhones upon his arrest, five of which belonged to TCU students.

Butler is currently in the Mansfield Jail on a $2,500 bond.


  • March 13: iPhone stolen from University Recreation Center. Police reviewed surveillance footage, saw 3 suspects–all black males. Butler initially gained access to the Rec by saying he had to use the restroom.
  • March 17: 2 more iPhones stolen from cubbies at the Rec. Police pulled video, identified one of the original three. Name of the individual in question was still unknown. They followed him on the surveillance camera system to his vehicle–a black PT Cruiser. Cruiser has paper tags, and so the car wasn’t registered to an individual.
  • March 18: Police get a call that 4 iPhones were stolen from the Walsh Physical Performance Center. While police were investigating, an officer decided to go drive around and look for Butler’s previously identified car. Officers did find and identify his car, boxed him in, and arrested Butler.