Westphal: SGA budget draft has extensive budget cuts


The draft for the new Student Government Association budget is focused on what students want: smart spending, said Cody Westphal, student body treasurer, at the SGA Budget Forum Wednesday evening.

In the new budget, Westphal said he planned for extensive budget cuts, including the possibility of a $15,000 cut to the fund for House of Student Representatives projects.

“This year we haven't had enough projects to tap into that money,” Westphal said. “We've had trouble spending it, plain and simple."

Other items in the budget were cut because House members never used them, Westphal said.

"I think the duty of the treasurer is really to know what's in the budget and spend it effectively," Westphal said.

Westphal also outlined a few additions to the budget, such an extra $10,000 for TCU LEAPS.

Every year, LEAPS has had to ask the Finance Committee for extra funding, Zach Madel, chairman of the Finance Committee, said.

This addition to the budget will cover those extra costs, he said.

Officers also discussed the possibility of setting aside money in the budget for students who want money to do a specific project or accomplish a task.

"I think having a project fund would be an interesting thing to look at,” Student Body Vice President of External Affairs Graham McMillan said. “Then they apply for funding for a specific project."

Other changes to the budget include the possibility of SGA providing $150,000 for an additional concert during homecoming to improve TCU’s homecoming experience, Westphal said.

Westphal said he plans to present the draft of the budget for 2013-2014 at the SGA meeting Tuesday, April 2.