Patterson no longer as optimistic in spring practice


Remember the optimism head football coach Gary Patterson had at the beginning of the spring season, as he said he witnessed the best practice since the Rose Bowl?

Looks like that optimism isn’t as high anymore in the Horned Frogs spring camp.

“Gotta grow up,” Patterson said after Thursday’s practice. “You have to find a way to handle the grind and today we did not handle the grind. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good.”

Patterson said he needs better performances from his receiving corps, his linebackers and his offensive line.

“By August 31st, that has to be a different group,” Patterson said, referring to his linemen.

Patterson said Brady Foltz and Jamelle Naff are working first-team for guards in camp.

Here are some other notes and highlights from Thursday’s practice:

Unhappy with linebackers
Patterson made it known after practice that he is not pleased with his linebackers group, saying his team’s core must improve.

He said Paul Dawson must improve on his assignments, noting that two playcalls were blown in practice, allowing two touchdowns. Dawson wasn’t the only player to be mentioned by name for a need to improve.

“Jonathan Anderson has a way to go to be at the level he needs to be at to play linebacker at TCU,” Patterson said.

Wide receivers playing behind
Patterson said after Thursday’s practice that there was no “go-to guy” or “big game receiver” on the receivers corps to replace Josh Boyce yet. He also confirmed Brandon Carter is seeing time playing second-team reps.

“He had success, but he only played in half the games last year,” Patterson said. “He doesn’t block the way we need him to and he doesn’t run the right routes. Pretty simple. He needs to become a complete player.”

Patterson said there are about 11 receivers seeing different time in the first-team drills.

Special teams a mixed bag
Patterson said rising sophomore Jaden Oberkrom was “terrible” during Thursday’s practice, as the kicker missed two field goals.

“Jaden needs to play better when its his time,” Patterson said. “When he drives it, he does good. When he hits it up in the air, and there’s wind out, it looks like my 9-iron [shot] – goes left or right.”