Spring Cabaret benefits FWAFA students

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts’ Spring Cabaret is giving students  the opportunity to visit New York City and a chance to experiment with contemporary music.

“I have only been to New York City once but just for a day,” senior performer Benjamin Allen said. “I am most excited to see the broadway show Hands on a Hardbody since I haven’t seen one. There’s an alumni from our school that’s in the broadway show, and we’ll also be attending workshops.”

All proceeds will go towards the trip and senior scholarships for the Thespian Society.

“We’re hoping for a full house so people can go to New York,” senior student director Ty Taylor said. “Last year we had an overwhelming turn out.  A lot of students are having to pay a lot out of pocket that did not meet their fundraising goals.”

The cabaret will feature a wide range of music drawing from all different types of theatre such as old-school cabaret and the Ballad of Sara Berry from 35 MM, according to Allen.

“I love the music, and I’m really excited for the trio because I am doing it with my good friends so it’s special,” senior student director Braden Wilkerson said. “It makes it even more fun to collaborate with people who also share a similar passion.”

Students rehearse during their first period block everyday from 8 to 9 am. They have been preparing for the performance for three months.

“I’ve learned how important time management is because it can be tricky only having an hour and trying to get everyone on task and buckle down and focus,” Taylor said. “I’ve also learned how I work with others and how to be a leader.”

Teachers Andrea Burghart and Victor Johnson have led students musically and guided them with the performance numbers and staging process. Taylor and Wilkerson work along side the teachers by helping find sheet music and help design the program.

“The faculty here has really helped push us and allowed us to create ourselves,” Taylor said.  “A lot of schools don’t get as much freedom as we do. We have the opportunity to help choreograph. It’s been a cool opportunity to create ourselves and learn and have these experiences as a director and choreographer.”

The cabaret is an experimental process and is headed for a more contemporary, sophisticated feel compared to last year’s cabaret, according to Wilkerson.

“I’ve learned a lot about leadership in an artistic setting by meshing different people’s sense of creativity,” Wilkerson said. “It can be difficult, and it takes something specific within your leadership to do that peacefully and end up with the most beneficial product for the audience.”

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online http://www.fwafa.org/ for Tuesday April 16 at 7 pm.