TCU student gives back by selling socks

TCU student gives back by selling socks

The TCU community is Mitscoots Socks’ newest area of focus when it comes to spreading awareness about those in need.

Mitscoots Socks is a company that makes its socks in the U.S. and gives back to those in need by donating one pair of socks for every pair that is sold and by employing people who are in need of work. The company was founded by Tim and Agata Scott one year ago in Austin, Texas. 

Lex Elliot, a first-year business major, is the company’s first campus representative. Elliot said she has been working with Mitscoots for about a month by promoting the company and its purpose to TCU students.

For every pair of socks that Elliot sells, she said she donates one pair of socks to Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth. Elliot said she decided to donate socks to the organization because she tutors children there once a week. 

To start spreading the word, Elliot contacted all of the university's sororities and fraternities. Elliot said Darby Dame, her co-chair and a first-year pre-major, has been helping her reach out to the community.

The fraternities and sororities on campus have given a great response to the organization, Elliot said.

Besides selling socks at sorority and fraternity meetings, Elliot said she is currently  finding a way to sell socks at on-campus locations. She said she wants to provide more opportunities for students other than Greek members to buy socks.

Since Elliot has never been a campus representative before, she said there are a lot of logistics to deal with.

“I had to figure out how I was going to get the socks, where I was going to store them and how I would handle the money,” Elliot said.

Elliot said she has also been working with John Householder, an admissions counselor, to make a small display in the admissions building.

Elliot said getting help from Householder would increase the general awareness of Mitscoots and would demonstrate to potential students a specific way that TCU students are actively involved with the community.

Householder wrote in an email that the display would highlight the business, the purpose and the non-profit entrepreneurship of the university's students.

“It has the potential to help a lot of people and provide a valuable benefit for others,” he wrote.

Tim Scott, a co-founder of Mitscoots, said he has been very pleased with everything that Elliot has accomplished at the university.

“Socks are one of those things that you never realize how valuable they really are,” Scott said. “The average person would never wear their socks for more than one or two days.”

To purchase socks or to talk to Elliot, email her at [email protected]. To stay informed about the company, like Mitscoots Socks' Facebook Page.