Women’s studies film screening “inspirational” to students, faculty


Students and faculty poured into a Sid Richardson lecture hall Monday night to watch the film screening of "Girl Rising" hosted by the TCU women's studies program.

The documentary film told stories of nine young girls from various parts of the world and the injustices they face every day. Many of the stories emphasized the girls' hope and bravery as they struggle to obtain an education.

The event kicked-off with an Indian buffet dinner and concluded with a discussion panel for  viewers who had questions about the documentary.

Junior history major Alejandra Garces said her ceramics professor recommended the event to her, and she was glad he did.

The film was inspiring and informative, she said. Garces was especially moved by some of the stories, and the film helped her better understand the reality of what's happening in other parts of the world. 

"The surprising part for me was seeing how the girls endure [the hardships]," she said. "It helped me realize that what we have here is really lucky. It was hugely eye-opening."

Rima Abunasser, an English professor and women's studies affiliated faculty member, said she thought the film did a good job of individualizing the stories people tend to think of in terms of statistics.

"Giving it the kind of true voice adds a level of impact not all those kinds of documentaries can achieve," she said.

She was excited to see many of her students in the audience and said her recent teachings on women and education related directly to the movie.

Bonnie Blackwell, another professor of English and women's studies affiliated faculty member, said she was very pleased with the turnout at the event and how some students seemed "moved" and "inspired" afterwards.

Blackwell said one of the main reasons the film was chosen was because it brings together some of the broader global issues discussed in classes around campus.

"I feel like people learned something," she said. "These are not necessarily stories we hear in day-to-day life."

The screening also served as a preview for one of the writers featured in the film who will be coming to campus in the fall to speak, Blackwell said.